Spring & Fall Cleanup in Cedar Falls, IA

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Professional Landscape Maintenance in Cedar Falls, Iowa

About Our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

The fall and winter leave our landscapes looking unkempt if not dealt with properly. That’s why we offer spring and fall cleanup services to the Cedar Valley.

In both seasons, we clean up landscapes by pruning shrubs and maintaining landscape beds as well as clearing fallen debris such as leaves and sticks.

Additionally, in the winter we provide vegetation killer to prevent any unwanted weeds from germinating while grass and plants have thinned for the winter.

In the spring, we apply a pre-emergent to your landscape to get it started off right.

What Our Cleanup Services Consists of

Fall Cleanup

Professional Fall Leaf and Brush Clean Up Service Waterloo, Iowa

Take advantage of having a professional company clean up your landscape this fall. We’ll clear your lawn and beds from sticks and leaves as well as apply a vegetation killer to winterize your landscape from weeds that may sprout in the spring.

Spring Cleanup

Professional Spring Clean Up Service in Cedar Valley

Harsh winter winds and heavy snow falls can damage our landscapes creating bare spots and debris on your landscape. We’ll come through and give your hedges and shrubs a professional trim as well as apply a pre-emergent to help give your lawn a kick start to grow.

Other Lawn and Landscape Services We Offer

Our cleanup services are just the tip of the iceberg of our landscape maintenance services.

Professional Lawn Care Service in La Porte City, Iowa

Lawn Care

Our lawn care services are designed to make and keep your lawn beautiful all season long. We provide everything from mowing and maintenance to complete-customized fertilization programs curated for your lawn.

Mosquito and Lawn Pest Prevention Service in Waterloo, Iowa

Mosquito & Lawn Pest Prevention

Mosquitoes prevent us from enjoying our landscape. We prevent them as well as other harmful bugs and insects that damage our lawns and landscapes such as sod webworms, army worms, and chinch bugs.

Professional Pond Maintenance in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Pond Maintenance

Ponds are some of the most attractive features of a landscape but left alone they can be come the most unattractive features. We get rid of and prevent the build up of algae and bacteria that can have harmful affects on the beauty, plant life, and fish in and around the pond.

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