Top Turf is focused on keeping your entire landscape beautiful. We the services to make that happen.


Lawn Maintenance to keep you grass and turf in check and looking well-kept all season long.

Pest Control services to make sure unwanted insects and bugs don’t bother you or your lawn or landscape.

Spring and fall cleanups to get your landscape ready for the harsh Iowa winters or the beautiful springs.

Pond Maintenance to keep your ponds healthy and algae free.

The Landscape Professionals in the Cedar Valley

If you’re looking for a professional lawn care and landscape maintenance provider in the Cedar Valley, then you’ve found them. We’ll provide professional landscape maintenance and lawn care services to keep your landscape functional and looking beautiful all season long.

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Lawn Care

Mosquito & Pests

Seasonal Cleanups

Pond Maintenance


We’re not your fly-by-night lawn care company. We trained for this, we went to school for this, and this is our passion. 


Our goal isn’t just to give your lawn a fertilization plan. It’s to make your lawn beautiful. The fertilization plan just may be a way to get there.


Our services are limited to lawn care and maintenance because that’s what we specialize in. We could offer landscaping services but focusing in lawn care is what makes us the best at it.



Our processes are strictly controlled form the top, down. How we take a lawn and turn it beautiful and healthy is a science as much as it is an art. And because we’re true to our processes, our work is consistent.

Great Service and Knowledgable

“Great service and very knowledgeable. Pretty nice folks to deal with.”

Jeff Sammons

Above and Beyond

“Luke and the Top Turf team really go above and beyond not only for the customer but for the well being/health of the lawn. 10/10 would recommend if you love great service for a great price!”

Clay Cornwell

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