Lawn Care Services in the Cedar Falls, Iowa Area

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Professional Lawn Care Services in the Cedar Valley

About Our Lawn Care Services

At Top Turf our lawn care services aren’t designed to just give your lawn routine care and maintenance, they’re designed to make and keep your lawn beautiful all season long.

If you want just any run-of-the-mill fertilization plan just to say you had your lawn fertilized, we’re probably not your team.

Our clients come to us with the goal of making their landscape beautiful. Our custom fertilization, pest prevention, and maintenance programs just happen to be pieces to the puzzle to make that happen.

But we understand that not every yard is the same and some may require more or fewer treatments of a particular service than another. But one thing’s for sure, your lawn will look beautiful when you team up with Top Turf.

What Our Lawn Care Consists of

Professional Lawn Mowing and Trimming in Waterloo

Mowing & Trimming

With our weekly mowing schedules, you’ll never have to worry about your lawn being too long for a day or two during weeks of heavy rain. We keep you on a weekly schedule so you know when we’ll be by to mow.

Lawn Fertilization Services in Cedar Falls

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Every lawn is different and may require different fertilization and weed control plans. A plan is curated for you from the type and quantity of weeds you have down to the pH of your soil for optimal root and grass growth.

Lawn Aeration Services in Cedar Falls

Lawn Aeration

A common problem that stunts the growth of grass is soil compaction. When soil gets compacted, it prevents roots from growing as well as the transfer of nutrients to those roots. We aerate your compacted lawn to allow the soil to settle more loosely, which in turn causes nutrients to seep deeper, roots to grow longer, and grass blades to grow greener.

Shrub and Tree Pruning in La Porte City, Iowa

Shrub Pruning

Unmaintained shrubs can pull eyes away from the most perfect of lawns as the ultimate landscape eyesores. Our lawn care programs also include maintaining small shrubs and bushes.

Other Lawn and Landscape Services We Offer

Lawn care is a big part of what we do but it isn’t all we offer.

Mosquito and Lawn Pest Prevention Services in the Cedar Valley

Mosquito & Lawn Pest Prevention

Mosquitoes prevent us from enjoying our landscape. We prevent them as well as other harmful bugs and insects that damage our lawns and landscapes such as sod webworms, army worms, and chinch bugs.

Seasonal Landscape Clean up Services in Waterloo

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Coming out of a harsh winter as well as a messy fall can leave our landscapes looking diry and unkempt appearance. our spring and fall cleanups ensure your landscape looks taken care of all year long.

Pond Maintenance Service in Cedar Valley

Pond Maintenance

Ponds are some of the most attractive features of a landscape but left alone they can be come the most unattractive features. We get rid of and prevent the build up of algae and bacteria that can have harmful affects on the beauty, plant life, and fish in and around the pond.

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