Mosquito & Lawn Pest Prevention in the Cedar Falls, Iowa Area

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Professional Lawn Pest Prevention Services in Cedar Falls, Iowa

About Our Pest Prevention Services

What good is a beautiful lawn and landscape if you can’t enjoy it? Our outdoor pest control services eliminate and prevent unwanted bugs and insects that are harmful to our grass, plant life, and even ourselves.

Noticing large patches of dead grass? It could be chinch bugs or armyworms. We take care of them.

Lots of dead foliage with a web-like structure around it? Probably Sod webworms. We take care of them.

Finally, tired of getting bit up by mosquitoes just by enjoying your backyard? Yeah, we take care of them too.

What Our Mosquito & Pest Control

Services Consist of

Mosquito and Pest Control Services in Waterloo, Iowa

Mosquito & Pest Control

Mosquitoes are the number one pest people want to get rid of in and around their landscapes. That’s why we put an emphasis on our mosquito control program so you can reclaim your outdoors.

Grub Control Services in Cedar Valley

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles or June bugs. These larvae feed on the roots of grass causing dying and bare spots in your lawn. They live well below the surface and you may have see them when you dig up a spot of your lawn. We’ll get rid of these so they stop feeding on your roots.

Chinch Bugs Prevention Services in Cedar Falls, IA

Chinch Bugs Prevention & Control

Chinch bugs are like mosquitoes to grass. They’re around from June to September and feed on grass blades by stabbing them with their needle-like beak. You may have chinch bugs if you’re seeing dead spots of grass on your lawn.

Sod Webworm Prevention Services in La Porte City, Iowa

Sod Webworms

Sod webworms leave a footprint that can resemble a spiders by leaving strands of webbing in your lawn and plants. The effect these pests have on your lawn are similar to that of chinch bugs with browning and dying grass.

Other Lawn and Landscape Services We Offer

We do more than just lawn pest control services. We’re a full-service lawn care company 

Professional Lawn Care Services in Cedar Valley

Lawn Care

Our lawn care services are designed to make and keep your lawn beautiful all season long. We provide everything from mowing and maintenance to complete-customized fertilization programs curated for your lawn.

Spring and Fall Clean Up Services in Waterloo, Iowa

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Coming out of a harsh winter as well as a messy fall can leave our landscapes looking diry and unkempt appearance. our spring and fall cleanups ensure your landscape looks taken care of all year long.

Pond Maintenance Service in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Pond Maintenance

Ponds are some of the most attractive features of a landscape but left alone they can be come the most unattractive features. We get rid of and prevent the build up of algae and bacteria that can have harmful affects on the beauty, plant life, and fish in and around the pond.

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